Over Chantal

Hello everyone!

As the train driver of my own high-speed railway line, I welcome you all to my website called STATION BLAAK, metaphorically named after a well-known Rotterdam trainstation. It’s great you have found yourself a place in the first class train compartment to travel alongside of me during the upcoming cycling season. The high-speed railway line will travel from race to race, from station to station.

Please do not remain seated in the same waggon all the time, because each compartment of the train will give you a different look on the race and on myself: please check my bio, my calender, my partners, my photogallery and all the articles and stories: each page has its own compartment!



Sometimes I find lying myself in bed with a big smile: there you are Chantal, 28 years old, professional cyclist. What a privilige it is that you were able to turn your passion into your profession. You’re a lucky person!

I mean, let’s face my career upto now…

It was pure coincidence that I got in touch with cycling in my very early years: I participated in the so-called Rabo Dikke Banden Race (in translation: the Rabo Thick Tyres Races are cycling races which Rabobank organizes for kids only). I won that very first “official” race on a normal bike. The price I won was the membership of one year at the local cycling club. This is how it all started and look where it all went.

I have always loved my sport, I truly love my life. I feel a very strong desire to win. I am prepared to go to the “max” for my sport. I want to work hard, I can work hard, I have to work hard. There’s practically nothing I wouldn’t do for my sport, yet I will always try to find the right balance in my life. Besides cycling, I treasure the social contacts around me. The one cannot live without the other. More than that: the one is a real boost for the other. My friends and family are taking care of finding this balance in my life, most particularly I must mention my life partner Lars in this respect. He is the one that tells me to slow down when I need to. My family and my closest friends are my support day and night, with each victory and defeat, through thick and thin. They see to it that I can also find the time to relax. This is very important to me: I simply need to feel well during the entire season.

It all happened so fast. From my first victory at the Rabo Dikke Banden Race to becoming worldchampion in Bergen, Norway, in 2017. Yes I won races, but I lost many more, just like any other cyclist. I have learned from it all, it simply made me the person that I am today. But having said that, I am still hungry and ambitious! Yes, I do have some concrete goals for 2018!

Sometimes I am lying in bed and I find myself dreaming about the my own high-speed railway line, rumbling through Station Blaak, racing from one station to the other, from race to race and then I know….I just feel….it’s RACING TIME!

All on board? 

Chantal Blaak – Born on October 22nd 1989 in Rotterdam – Place of Residence Berkel en Rodenrijs – Proud Member of Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team – Current Dutch Champion and Worldchampion